Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May Wish List

This month exams have been looming over me which means one thing... procrastinating on the internet, particularly in terms of lusting over beauty and fashiony related things (so much better than reading Keats!). On the top of my list are the new Baby Doll Kiss and Blush cheek and lip stains from YSL. These look so beautiful, but at £27 a pop they are definitely something to save up for! I've decided that I am in need of a new moisturisor and one that has caught my eye is the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator. It just sounds like it would do wonders for my skin! I mean who doesn't want their skin to experience a moisture surge?! Moving on to hair care and a brand that I have been dying to try out for absolutely ages now; Bumble and Bumble. Being a student, I could never justify spending that amount of money on shampoo or hairspray. I've always told myself that my student loan is for more important things like.. food? rent? vodka? (I kid). But I will be working back home over summer so thought I might spend some of my hard earned pennies on some luxury hair care, and the line that has caught my eye is their surf line. Having long wavy/curly hair (depending how my hair is feeling that day), I love the way salt spray looks in my hair and so would love to give this a go! 
When it comes to fashion this month, I seem to be the only one who isn't looking for bikinis and holiday wear, because i'm not going on holiday (sob). Yes, that's right, no lying on a beach for me this year! Instead, I'm a waitress for the summer.. (who said student life was easy?) I shouldn't play too much of a sob story, I am going to Paris for a few days with my boyfriend (yay). Anyway back to fashion. No, I haven't been interested in the holiday section, but I have been looking for something to wear for a christening, I probably have something already, but any excuse to spend ay? But, I came across this skirt and fell in love! I might even purchase the top pictured with it as I think they look so cute together, and with a pair of nude heels and a chunky necklace, I think I've got my outfit! 
Another thing I've had my eye on for a while is a new denim jacket. Yes, I already have a few denim jackets but none of them are quite right and I don't know about you but I'm really picky with them. One's too dark. One's too light. One's too over sized. One's not over sized enough. I did wear my mums old levi one all of last summer which a size 14. I was a size 10 back then, now I'm a size 8 and it just looks a bit silly really, so i'm on the hunt for a new one.I always think Urban Outiftters do really good quality denim jackets and I really like this one as I think the colour would suit me and its not too over sized. I've tried ones on in UO before and they have just been HUGE, yet still been labelled small... I mean there's over sized, and then there's just wearing a sack. So yeah, if you're going to get an UO jacket I definitely recommend trying them on, particularly the reconstructed ones (the vintage levi ones) as the sizing can be a litttttle dodgy!
So there you go, that's my little ramble-y wish list! If you've tried any of the beauty items let me know if its worth getting them!
Sophie X

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  1. I'm also lusting after a YSL lip and cheek stain! They look so gorgeous!
    Ah don't worry I'm not holiday shopping either - a poor life is a hard life haha.
    Good luck with your exams! I hope they go well!
    I followed you via bloglovin - would love if you could check out my blog back :)