Friday, 15 August 2014

Too thin?

I recently came across an article about how Gap had been criticised for using an extremely slight model and this is an issue which is particularly close to me so I thought I would share my thought here... 

Above is the model and photograph that caused the controversy and yes, she is very slim, perhaps too thin, which in my opinion is something that should never be promoted by big companies, particularly those with a younger target group, as I know first hand what effect constantly seeing images like this can have on rather impressionable young girls (and boys!). When I was around 15/16 I was obsessed with TV shows like Americas next Top model and some of the girls on that show were obviously rather slim. I had always been quite thin naturally but this show, along with magazines etc. made me become obsessed with having and unhealthy and unobtainable body image (not that I realised it at the time). 
Now, I am no way saying that these kind of shows are generally damaging, just the promotion of that kind of body image as the perfect specimen can be somewhat dangerous. I mean I watch the show occasionally now and enjoy it, and think it has some positive things to say on the topic of body image but I would definitely exercise caution when it comes to teenage girls constantly being faced with theses images, be it on TV, in magazines, or on the internet (don't even get me started on thinspiration/ pro-ana sites!!) 

What is your opinion on this?

Ps. Sorry if this post is a bit rambly and convoluted!

Left( aged 16/17) right (aged 20)

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